Character Listing

Character Voice Actor
Aneshka Tristy Taylor
Baz Lickspittle Mike Bennett
Beelzebub James Emerian Rich
Clive Steve Merrifield
Countess Raven Emerian Rich
Fang MJ Hahn
Greives ???
Jezebel Salazar “Jez” Camellia Rains
Karen Murphy Rhonda R. Carpenter
Kat Tristy Taylor
Lord DarkBlood MJ Hahn
Prof. Pendulum Dan Shaurette
Rat MJ Hahn
Star Emerian Rich
Viktor Taylor Kirk Warrington

2 responses to “Character Listing

  1. We’ve been asked to add these podcast voice actors to our actor database: Emerian Rich, Camellia Rains, Kirk Warrington, and Rhonda Carpenter. Of course, we use PHOTOS for our actors. Would these folks like to submit an appropriate image/avatar for the site? They’ll all be cut down to 80×80 pixels, so don’t strive for much detail…


    Jeff Reid
    “for the movie in your mind”

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