Season II

Creator: Emerian Rich
Written by MJ Hahn
Produced by MJ Hahn

Lord Dark Blood
EMERIAN RICH Countess Raven
Beelzebub James
DAN SHAURETTE Prof. Pendulum
MIKE BENNETT Baz Lickspittle

e p i s o d e s

Episode 1: The Reunion Special — Season 1 HausMates return to share what’s been happening since the show wrapped.

Episode 2: The Biggest Little City — The new HausMates arrive in Reno to fanfare and applause.

Episode 3: The Shuttle to the Bedlam — The HausMates are en route to the Bedlam. The Casino Mgr. Baz Lickspittle fills them in on the Casino’s grim history.

Episode 4: Horrific High Roller Suites — Upon arriving at the Bedlam, the HausMates meet Grieves the Butler, and are shown to their Horror-themed rooms.

Episode 5: Buffet from Hell — GothBrunch is Served! With a side of drama of course!

Episode 6: Corroded Karaoke — The HausMates go head to head w/ their first Ghost-Boss, Karaoke style! Will the BeeGee’s save the day!?

Episode 7: The Uninvited Guest — A new arrival at the Bedlam shakes things up!

Episode 8: AfterShock — It’s business as usual at the Bedlam after the abrupt departure of Ms. Salazar.

Episode 9: Poolside of Terror — There’s a Lovecraftian Shadow cast over the Bedlam’s once luxurious swimming pool.

Episode 10: This Casino is Real Torture — While the Bedlam tries for a few new permanent residents, Fang’s black little heart gets a make-over.

Episode 11: Welcome Back DarkBloods — Amid chaos, murder, and goth puppy-love, a very pregnant Raven and Darkblood return.

Episode 12: The Blessed Event — While the HausMates remain locked inside the Bedlam, Raven’s delicate condition takes a sudden turn!

Episode 13: The Haus Doesn’t Always Win — Karen Murphy is on hand to interview anybody who might be able to walk away from the fiery remains of the Bedlam.

8 responses to “Season II

  1. How can I download season two? I finished season one off a podcast stream and i can’t find a way to listen to season two!

  2. You just made my night epic!! Yay more star! Lol after listening to season one I created a character for one of my stories based on star lol

    • Cool! LOVE to be inspiration. 🙂 I’ve been asked to carry on Star in a 4th Season, but just haven’t found the hook yet. People want Star and Jez in some sort of show, but I won’t do it until we’ve got a great storyline.

  3. Well I agree I want more star, and yes Jez. The part where star gets drugged by the spiked drink was epic. But I agree you shouldn’t just add them cause their popular, that ruins great stories. So many movies ruined characters from going to far. Joy Ride 2 comes to mind. Rusty Nail was scary, but of course a sequel comes,around and ruins it lol. Well I’ll keep an eye out for season four and hopeful for more Star! Lol

    • This comment got stuck in my spam! So I’m a little late. Yes, I love Star. We brought back a Star-like character this last season for End of the World Radio, but she’s not quite as peppy as Star. I am hoping for a Star/Jez renewal next season, but we’ll see.

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